Our Story

Welcome to La Terra Winery

Our Story starts with our owner/winemaker Mr. Ravi Susarla who has travelled across different countries and worked with wines in various parts of the world. He wanted to combine his passion for wines and his wine making experience and bring it to Bangalore, the vibrant city that values people and their passions.

In 2007, Ravi looked over the wine growing areas in and around Bangalore and chanced upon SG Valley in Chikkaballapur district, a mere 70KM from the heart of Bangalore.

Seeing the quality of the grape available in the district, Ravi decided to first purchase property in the district and construct a winery on the property taking advantage of available grape.

Ravi decided that La Terra Winery would deliver the best wines the SG Valley could produce at a fair price to the consumer and set about making this a reality.

By 2009, the winery building housing winery equipment became a reality and actual wine production using SG Valley grapes began.

La Terra Winery started to make wines using local grape, a first in Bangalore and in India.

Committed to Quality

Quality has always been a top priority in our wines and vineyards. La Terra Winery believes a commitment to organics in producing quality wines and is better for the health of the land we farm and environment we live in. Using the latest winemaking technology our winemakers delicately process the fruit to retain distinguishing characteristics, to produce wines for your enjoyment.